Phenotyping is an attempt to identify an animal by its physical and behavioral characteristics. It also takes into account the history of the animal and its immediate heritage and F generations.  Because so many traits and behaviors overlap between dogs and wolves, phenotyping can be tricky if you are not sure what to look for and how to assess true wolf content.


It may seem exotic to own a wolf or a high content wolfdog however most of those sold in the Us are grossly misrepresented. Because the visual similarities between Siberian huskies or Alaskan  malamutes and a wolf it seems easy to pass off an animal as a “wolf hybrid husky cross”. There are very easy ways to really tell the differences between a high content wolfdog and a siberian husky if you know what to look for.


The following are some examples of what to look for when assessing wolf content in any  wolfdog represented as “high content."


High content wolfdogs will have:



1. A high content female wolfdog will only breed once per year coming into season early January towards February and have the pups in the spring.

2. A completely black nose.

3. Amber (goldish),brown,or yellow eyes.

4. Smaller furry ears-you should see no pink in an adult high content's ears.

5. A very narrow chest and with long legs that have front paws that splay outward.

6. A larger head with pronounced cheek ruff in the winters.

7. Large elongated paws with think black curved nails and a black paw pad.

8. A very straight tail that ends just above or right at the hock.


High content wolfdogs will not have:


1. 2 breeding cycles per year resulting in multiple litters. There are some exceptions depending on if the mother has less content and has taken on the breeding patterns of the dog.

2. A pink nose.Again very rare that a wolf has a pink nose. You would find this in the coldest of weather locations and also the wolf would have to have an albino gene.

3. Blue eyes. This is a good indicator your animal is not high content if it has blue eyes since this is a dog only trait!

4. Large ears with lots of pink showing and no fur.

5. A very stocky chest and short legs.

6. There will be no cheek ruff at any time.

7. Small feet with different colored nails.

8. A shorter tail that curls.