Wish List

 The sanctuary also needs so many different things to make its rescue a success! Please see items below and if you can contribute please contact the sanctuary and we will be more than happy to give you a tax exempt receipt!

Thank you in advance!


For the animals:

-High protein dog food from reputable company

-Large dog houses

-Stainless steel 50-100 gallon water tanks




-Galvanized steel small swimming pools

-Canine vitamins

-Meat scraps such as deer,beef,chicken


For the enclosures:

-Construction materials such as nails,hammer,screws,gates,piping,rebar,lumber,etc

-Bags of concrete

-Pine shavings

-Wood chips

-Cattle panels

-Hog panels


Everything Else:

-A used Dodge Ram older truck for transport

-Transport crates for the animals

-Water hoses

-Heavy duty wheelbarrow

-Used golf cart


-And any other office supplies you can think of from an old computer to an old printer to printing paper,ink,pens,pencils,envelopes,etc!