First Steps




These are pictures of the type of enclosures we will erect which will all include small wading pools, climbing toys and platforms, and manmade dens . They will be a minimum of 8ft with returns as shown because they do love to jump and the returns will discourage climbing. Notice the bottoms of the enclosures. Wolves are notorious for digging so it is absolutely necessary to bury chain link fencing deep into the ground around the entire length.  




Here are pictures of a barn structure that will act as our office/storage/garage/and indoor enclosure pens. We want to have enclosures for healing (as if from a surgery or spay or neuter), quarantine pens before joining the outside wolves (for all new rescues), and vet rooms for visits and checkups. There will be an office area and a volunteer/employee area with all the comfort requirements. Included also will be refridgerators for specific meals and medications as well as a storage area for food, straw, hay, and extra building materials. And a carport area for the transport van we will use to pick up our rescued animals.